1963 (Acoustic Split)

by Heavyweights

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released August 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Heavyweights Baltimore, Maryland

Heavyweights is a five-piece pop punk band from Baltimore, MD. Taking influences from bands of their past and the music they enjoyed in high school, shades of Fall Out Boy and All Time Low can be easily identified in the band's music, while still maintaining a unique and original sound. Clever lyrics, catchy hooks, and dynamic riffs drive a sound unique to their brand of aggressive pop punk. ... more

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Track Name: DKODA (Acoustic)
Sell your prescription pills
The ones for your pain, to the very same, people you love
It kills
Your conscience won't quit, but you say I'll make you better and that's just it
You make me out to be a fantasy that I can't live up to (I can't live up to)
But the sparkle in your eye makes me damn sure want to try

I want to save you from Aberdeen
I want to take you, away with me
Drive down 95, we're the red eye tonight
You share a beer, and we'll share a tear
Staring up at these Georgia lights
C'mon let's live tonight

But you're not sure we'll make it through
I know I'm not the first guy to promise you
But if you'll listen:
You'll hear I'm something new,
You haven't heard this tune
I wrote it just for you
It's written just for you

The weather's never been better, since you're outside
And nothing's tasted sweeter, since she came into mine
She's just looking for a way out
Kept her name in my mouth
She says, "Im clean and I can get out"
Her lip gloss left a bitter taste in my mouth